Why Chiropractic? See the results!

I believe without a single doubt that every human being benefits from regular chiropractic care. For those who think that chiropractors are “low back pain doctors” may find such a bold statement puzzling. It is true that chiropractic doctors can help you with pains and aches in your body, but I strive for something greater and redefine the entire concept of health to my patients. The basic fundamentals of chiropractic is to detect and remove vertebral subluxations (or simply, misalignments of the spine out of its normal healthy alignment) in order to naturally remove nerve compressions and restore the body’s innate ability to heal and prosper. Let me explain…


True Health through Chiropractic

If your goal is to get rid of pain, and pain only, you are not striving for optimal health. There are so many modalities out there that can alleviate pain and symptoms without medications, such as – physiotherapy, acupuncture, homoeopathy and even home exercises. But as a chiropractor, I make sure that all my patients understand that getting rid of pain is only the start. Being healthy and being pain-free are not the same things. The reason why I am so passionate about chiropractic is that through corrective chiropractic care, patients not only benefit from improved body symptoms but also experience true health in forms of optimal nerve function.

The vital organs inside our body are controlled by our brain. For example, our heart is pumping blood right now, pumps during sleep and pumps faster when we run. These innate mechanisms are controlled by our brain, and the only way that the brain communicates with the heart is through the autonomic nervous system. It does not require a rocket scientist to understand that if you have a misalignment of the spine causing nerve compression, its associated organ will not function at 100%. This basic fundamental of chiropractic is not a theory or a mere hypothesis. It is simply the truth. Normal healthy alignment of the spine results in healthier body and improved function.



Chiropractic Results: The Cervical Lordosis

The most commonly found spinal misalignment is found in the neck due to poor posture, the prolonged period of sitting, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. A healthy normal neck is described to have a cervical lordotic curve between 35-45 degrees according to the Drexler Method. A reduction from this normal curve or a complete loss of cervical curve is not only associated with numerous musculoskeletal conditions but also has detrimental impacts on the neurology as well.

Alfred Brieg, MD stated that “Loss of cervical curve stretches the spinal cord 5 to 7cm and produces pathological tension.” Brieg, a neurosurgeon, showed that losing the natural curve resulted in abnormal tension on the hind-brain, cervical cord and cervical nerve roots. Furthermore, Shimizu et al concluded that a progressive kyphosis of the cervical spine resulted in demyelination of nerve fibres and neuronal loss in the spinal cord. As I mentioned before, the loss of cervical curve is very common but is never normal. So what can we do about it? Below are before and after x-rays (32 adjustments in 4 months) of a patient of mine under chiropractic care and exercises. 


NOTE: Blue line depicts healthy normal alignment (Cervical lordosis within 35-45 degree curve), and the red represents current patient alignment. The objective improvements in the x-ray findings are remarkable but also his initial subjective complaints have improved as well. 


It Just Works

More than one in three people are projected to be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime, and heart diseases are the leading cause of death today. You may look and feel great, but are you really healthy? Health and wellness equals total function and function is determined by your structure. With the big and small every day miracles that I experience in my practice, I sincerely hope you will soon too experience the power of chiropractic for yourself.  



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