Secrets to True Health

In today's article, I want to share with you the meaning of 'True Health'. My goal is not to simply deliver a mundane message, but to influence and transform my readers' life towards greater health. Before I can share with you the secrets of true health, we need to understand the true definition of health. WHO defines health as the following:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 



Understanding this definition is crucial.

 "Being healthy is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

A person may look great, feel great and even be athletically fit, but does this truly mean that he is "healthy"?



Fitness and Health is Different

Take a tragic example of Karryn McCann. She was an Australian athlete, well renowned for winning the marathon at the 2002 and 2006 Commonwealth Games. However in May 2008, she passed away due to an initial breast cancer spreading to her liver. A complete tragedy, but also an example portraying the incongruity between fitness and true health. 



No Pain equals Health?

Another common misconception is that, many people equate having no pain to being healthy. Again, this is wrong.

Here are few examples: if a person suffers from headaches everyday and takes painkillers to become pain free, does it mean that he is healthy? After all, he doesn't feel pain. 

A person suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol doesn't feel pain either. Does this mean that this person is healthy? 

Again the answers to these questions are NO. So if looking good, feeling good, being athletic and even having no pain doesn't mean that you're truly healthy, then what is?



True Health means 100% Function

True health actually equates to 100% function. Our bodies are naturally designed to prosper, repair and grow.

Did you know that right now in all of us, we have cancerous cells being killed by our innate defence mechanisms? You are actively secreting enzymes to break down, digest and excrete the lunch you had this afternoon. Our bodies know best -- the power that made the body heals the body

Our bodies are a complex system with countless cells, tissues and organs. These systems need to work harmoniously and function without flaws for us to express true health. If all of our internal systems came together and worked in harmony, we will be indeed healthy. 

Then how do we make sure that these complex systems work in harmony...?

The nervous system!



True Health = 100% Function = Healthy Nervous System

Every single cells, tissues, organs and system in your body are all uniquely different. Their shape, size, design and function. Despite their differences, there's one thing they have in common; the nervous system.

Everything in our body that makes us function is controlled by our brains. For example, our hearts are pumping blood right now, it pumps during sleep and pumps faster when we run. Now, we don't think about this nor do we control this mechanism, it's automatic. Our brain tells the heart, the lungs and the digestive systems, and everything else in our body what to do, by sending important information down and out through the nervous systems. This means that: as long as we maintain a fully functioning nervous system, we can express a 100% functioning body and obtain true health. 



Our Spines and Chiropractic

The spine is made of 24 different bones -- all different sizes and shapes, but they have only one role; to house and protect the delicate nerves inside. The problem is that, the spinal bones or the vertebrae of the spine can actually misalign and cause either a direct and/or indirect damage to our nerves. This condition is called Subluxation

Again, as mentioned before, this is very harmful to our bodies as it is our brains and its nervous systems that allow us to function. Chiropractors are the only profession who are trained and legally qualified to detect and remove these interferences present in our nervous systems (Read more about what chiropractors really do and what they can offer you).

It is an absolute privilege that chiropractors get to work with people's spines and their nervous systems to promote 100% function. What's more amazing is that, the correction of the spine takes place without the use of medications or surgeries! Read my previous post to see the visual radiographic results of before and after chiropractic care:  Why Chiropractic? See the Results!

Just like we brush our teeth everyday to maintain good oral hygiene, your spine also requires maintenance and care throughout life. Remember, pain doesn't equate to health. Whether you're in pain or not, whether you're capable of running a full marathon or not, it doesn't matter. Anyone with a functioning spine and nervous system needs to be checked and adjusted, pay a visit to your nearest chiropractor now!