4 Scientific Evidence How Chiropractic Relieves Pain


In 2015, an Ontario, Canada government group agreed that chiropractic care, combined with staying active and continuing to work, are the most important factors in recovering quickly from car crash injuries. Years of research and studies have proven that chiropractic care is both safe and effective in alleviating pain. Below are four scientific explanation as to how chiropractic can help relieve pain naturally. 



1. Chiropractic Reduces Inflammation

Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic incident or suffering chronic pain from repetitive stress and sedentary lifestyle, the ligaments and muscles that make up your spine can be stretched and have micro-tears. Many pains and aches of the body are caused by the body’s inflammatory response to these micro-lesions.

A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (2010) revealed that chiropractic adjustments help the body release anti-inflammatory Interleukin 6, IL-6 is an important substance used to reduce inflammation and help heal the body. 


2. Chiropractic Relieves Localised Pain

There are countless studies that have demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments are both safe and effective at pain relief. In an article written by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) it has been suggested that patients should seek chiropractic and other conservative care for their low back pain before taking more invasive measures. 

In fact, lumbar disc herniation patients experienced better results through chiropractic when compared to epidural nerve root injections! Read: Chiropractic: Unparelled Results In Pain Relief.



3. Chiropractic Reduces Scar Tissue

Your body innately heals, but in doing so, your body lays down patches of scar tissue over the injured ligaments, tendons and muscles. Scar tissue in the ligaments of your neck or back can lead to long-term consequences. Specific chiropractic adjustments over these malfunctioning (or fixated) joints help break up scar tissue.


4. Chiropractic Restores Motion

Once muscles, ligaments and tendons become injured the joints under stress becomes immobile. Immobility of these joints significantly slows down the healing process. Chiropractic adjustments can improve and restore motion in these spinal segments to increase blood flow and assimilate healing nutrients to the affected areas. This leads to enhanced and faster healing process. 



Be Preventative Not Reactive

Although chiropractic is amazing at pain relief, I don't take pride in myself as a "pain doctor". Chiropractic offers so much more and in reality, pain only plays a minute role in our well-being. First of all, pain relief is something that many practitioners can do. If we were only concerned about pain and pain only, taking painkillers and slowly increasing its dosage until it successfully hides pain, would be the most effective treatment. But this is obviously not the case.

Secondly, pain has never been and never will be an accurate indicator of health. In many cases, once an underlying health condition starts to manifest as pain, it means that you’ve been either voluntarily or blindly ignoring the problem for a long time.

The way we live our lives are rapidly changing and as we adopt new lifestyles, we must also adopt new paradigms of health care. A study in 2015 showed that 37% of 20 year olds have asymptomatic disc degeneration! This is why having a preventative approach to health is much more effective than having a reactive approach. Just because you're not in pain, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're healthy. 

So whether you're in pain or not, seeking chiropractic care is a great way to look after your health in a natural way. 


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