Darius Foroux: A thought-leader and researcher in the fields of procrastination, productivity, and getting things done.


Darius Foroux is an inspirational author, blogger and an online coach and he’s insights have been featured in TIME, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Inc., Observer and many more. I had the privilege of interviewing him and spend time learning about what he does and how he adds value to thousands of people worldwide.


Darius, I’m thrilled to have you on Transforming Adjustments and feature you as a guru in personal development and productivity. Let’s imagine you are at a networking party. How would you introduce yourself and explain what you do for other people? 


Darius: That’s a tough one, but I often say I’m a productivity blogger and trainer.


I first read your articles on Medium and I immediately fell in love. If there were 3 articles that were most popular among your followers or you are particularly proud of, what are they and could you share with our readers? 


  1. 25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

  2. The Science Behind Procrastination And How You Can Beat It

  3. How To Read 100 Books A Year

The first article has been read more than 1M times. I share general lessons I’ve learned about life. The other two articles are more tactical where I share actionable advice about how to overcome procrastination, and how to read more books to improve yourself.  


More than 1 million reads! That's amazing and I highly recommend our readers to read all three articles. Now let’s shift gears and talk about procrastination. We all procrastinate although we know we shouldn’t. What’s your definition of procrastination? And how should we tackle this problem?


Darius: To me, you’re procrastinating whenever you’re not working on realizing your goals and aspirations. Procrastination comes in many forms: Spending too much time on research, watching Netflix, etc. 
The reason I research procrastination is because I think it’s the biggest obstacle in achieving our dreams. There’s only one way to tackle this problem: By taking action. I know, that sounds simple and it’s common sense. But I’ve found that common sense is not common action. We don’t do the things that we know. 


Many of us associate procrastination with laziness. Is there a difference and if there are what would it be? 


Darius: Laziness is another form of procrastination. But so is perfectionism for instance. To me, it’s not different because perfectionists always do anything to prevent taking action. They want everything to be right.
And if you’re lazy, you’re probably lacking motivation. I’ve never met truly lazy people. It’s a matter of doing things you love. Have you ever procrastinated something you love? Probably not. 



That's a great point and you're right. Both perfectionism AND laziness is procrastination because it stops us from taking action. Aside from not procrastinating, what other factors do you think is important that either helps or prevents people from reaching their life goals?


Darius: Fear. We often think about worst case scenarios. “What if I fail?” Again, it’s common sense, but you never know if you don’t try. I think we just need the right tools to deal with fear and procrastination, because once we start, we find out that it wasn’t that scary at all.


Speaking of tools to deal with fear and procrastination, as a founder of an online coaching program called Procrastinate Zero, I’m curious to find out exactly how you help people. Could you explain to the readers and give examples how the course helps people fight procrastination and actually get things done? 


Darius: One of the main challenges with PZ students is that they don’t know why they are procrastinating. You know that you have to get things done so you can earn money to take care of your family for example. But still, you don’t do it.
That’s why in beginning of the course, I focus on self-awareness. I teach people how to become more aware of their challenges, and how they can overcome them. Because, if you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it.
Another way I help people is by giving them a framework of personal development. I’ve studied successful people for the past 2 years for this course. And in my course, I share the secrets of achievement. I teach, step by step, how you can achieve your goals. It’s science. 


That sounds awesome!  Would you be able to share some real life examples of your clients how they’ve benefited from the program and how it affected their life/business?


Darius: I recently hear from one of the PZ students that he became a partner at an accountancy firm after applying the PZ framework to his life. Previously, he felt stuck at his old company, and now he’s full of energy and doing well.  


You are the author of Massive Life Success: Live a Stress-Free Life and Achieve Your Goals By Dealing With Anxiety, Stress and Fear. I believe that every single one of us experience anxiety, stress and fear at some point in our lives, if not daily. How does these things stop us from living a massively successful life?


Darius: A successful life to me, is about living life on your terms. And if you experience stress, worry, and fear all the time, you’re not living on your terms. You’re a slave to your thoughts and emotions. When you break free from that, you can start living. 



What practical advice could you give someone who were anxious, stressed and living in fear?


Darius: Always ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen? Then, try to work your way up from the worst case scenario. Often, we find out that the worst case scenario is not that bad.


Thank you Darius for sharing your insights. I hope the readers took away something special from this short interview. If they want to learn more from you, how can they reach out to you?


Darius: I’m very easy reachable on my site dariusforoux.com or by email on dariusforoux@gmail.com. I try to connect with readers as much as I can. That’s also how I learn.

My Take Aways

One of the most powerful thing Darius mentioned during the interview was that "common sense is not common action" and I couldn't agree more. We all know what to do and what is best for our interests, but we never fully commit and take action. This inaction (or procrastination) is what ultimately stops us from living a successful life.

So let's start by re-focusing your day. Get really authentic and clear about your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them. After all, a single step at a time isn't that difficult.