Pillow recommended by Johns Hopkins and Chiropractors


Better products are being developed every day and it’s important that you don’t lag behind, especially if that specific product is life changing. When lightning speed internet is available for you, you wouldn’t want to insist on staying with the old dial-up modem.

The same goes for pillows. 



Posture Is 24/7

As a chiropractor, one of the most commonly asked question in my clinics is: “what is the best posture?” Previously I’ve shared with you that the best posture is the next one. What we often neglect to acknowledge is that ergonomics and good posture is not only restricted to sitting or standing, but encompasses every single action, movement and activity in our lives. This includes walking, picking something up from the floor, breathing, writing and of course, sleeping. When it comes to posture, there are always better and proper ways of doing something.

Having a good posture has always been an important facet in living a healthy lifestyle. A good posture should not just be adopted during your day time but also during your sleep, given that this is a crucial time for us to repair and regenerate. In fact, sleeping is one of the major activities we do every single day. On average we sleep anywhere between 6 to 8 hours a day. This means that we sleep for 26 years in our lifetime!




There are numerous pillows that come in different shapes and sizes. They all have varying properties and promote different health benefits. Therefore when it came to identifying the best pillow, the debate seemed to be endless, until Chiroflow came along. 

Image courtesy of ChiroFlow

Image courtesy of ChiroFlow

Chiroflow has been around for 20 years since the inventor Maurice Bard suffered a whiplash injury. His chiropractor advised him to place a waterbag under his pillow to give him cervical support and alignment. But Bard realized that he could design and create an actual pillow for people just like him. Since then, many studies, large corporations and chiropractors have been vouching Chiroflow as the best pillow for spinal health and improved quality of sleep. 



Study From Johns Hopkins

 “At the world renowned Johns Hopkins University a clinical study was conducted with the object to compare various pillows, including the Chiroflow® Waterbase® pillow, and the effect they had on neck pain and quality of sleep. The results of this study were later published in in the Archives Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

The Hopkins study found that in all five of the categories tested the Chiroflow® Waterbase® pillow was ranked best. The study results showed that the Chiroflow® Waterbase® pillow is associated with reduced neck pain intensity, and improved quality of sleep.”




What Makes Chiroflow So Special?


Image courtesy of Chiroflow

Image courtesy of Chiroflow

Chiroflow is designed and manufactured in three distinct layers. The first top layer is made of polyester that feels like a standard pillow with a compartment that you will fill with tap water. The amount of water you can put in the pillow is fully customizable and flexible to your needs. You can adjust the support level to soft, medium, or firm by adding or removing water. Once you’ve found your optimal level, the water does not need to be changed for an entire year.

This unique design allows your head to displace the water and fill up the space between your neck and the mattress, thus supporting the natural curves of your spine.  



Why You Should Buy Chiroflow


  • Innovative design that outperforms other traditional pillows
  • Tested and recommended by Johns Hopkins
  • Promotes healthy spine and good quality of sleep
  • High customization for different body sizes
  • Recommended by prominent chiropractors worldwide
  • Durable and most importantly affordable


Don't just take my word for it! Click on the Chiroflow picture to find out more about this life changing product and hundreds of positive reviews from previous customers. This is definitely a small investment that will go a long way for you and your family.